News & Events

Department Colloquium

Colloquium speakers address a range of fascinating topics intended for non-specialists and experts alike. The research seminars in nuclear, biophysics, astrophysics and other fields such as medical physics offer more in-depth presentation of topics at the cutting edge of research in physics.

Biophysics Seminars

During the spring and fall semesters, we invite speakers close by and all over the world to give seminar presentations, normally scheduled every other weeks. Events will be announced here and everybody is welcome to join us.

Nuclear Physics Seminars

Nuclear seminars meet Tuesdays at 4:00 pm in room 107 of Corcoran Hall, unless otherwise noted.

The Barry Berman Memorial Lecture Series

In 2011 The Barry Berman Memorial Lecture Series was created by a generous gift by one of his dear collaborators and colleagues, Professor Cedric Yu, a faculty member at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Department of Radiation Oncology.  Professors Berman and Yu began collaborating in 2009 on an NIH funded project on dose-rate regulated tracking.  The goal of the lecture series is to inspire young people to study medical applications of physics by inviting nationally and internationally prominent scientists to speak on applying physics principles to medicine.

The Frances E. Walker Lecture Series

The Frances E. Walker Fund for Women in Physics was established by Dr. Mary Anne Frye to acknowledge her mother, Frances E. Walker and to support programs that encourage and increase the participation of women in the study of physics.  The Walker Lecture Series brings prominent women physicists and astrophysicists to campus to highlight their accomplishments and incorporates a mentoring segment for students.  The fund also supports a fellowship that is designed to give promising female U.S. citizens the opportunity to engage in research projects under the guidance of a GW Physics Department faculty member.

Dr. Frye received a B.A. in Physics in 1970 and earned a Ph.D. in Physiology in 1975 from the GW Columbian College of Arts and Sciences.  Frances E. Walker graduated from GW with a B.A. in 1927 and a M.A. in Latin in 1931.  

Nuclear Education Hub to Launch

The Physics Department, in partnership with the Virginia Tech Nuclear Engineering Program, has received start-up funding from the U.S. Department of Energy to develop curricula for a Nuclear Education Hub to train Ukrainian citizens in Nuclear Science and Engineering at the graduate level. The new hub aims to facilitate faculty exchanges between the U.S. and the Ukraine, and foster learning and program development in nuclear science and engineering. In addition to participating in workshops and summer training, Ukrainian students will have the opportunity to enroll in existing graduate programs in nuclear science and engineering offered by GW and Virginia Tech.

For more information, contact Andrei Afanasev, the Gus Weiss Associate Professor of Theoretical Physics and the project's director.