Undergraduate Research

Every undergraduate should try to get involved in research at some point. They have many opportunities as a physics major to find research projects on which to work. Students can look at groups in the Department, find some local opportunities, or find summer internships elsewhere. Physics is a practical science and students are missing out on the most exciting aspects of the field if they only experience it in the classroom. When students get involved in research, they not only learn about physics, they experience the excitement of doing physics!

Students can earn credit for research in physics through the Research Courses. For outstanding research in physics, the department offers a degree with special honors.

Summer Research

Several summer programs have sent us fliers advertising for participants. Keep in mind that there are application deadlines for many, if not all, of these programs. Typical deadlines are in late February or early March.

Opportunities at GW

There are several research groups in physics who will involve undergraduates in research programs. The number of positions varies; please contact the responsible faculty member to find out about specific opportunities.

Other Research Opportunities

The Society of Physics Students keeps a databank of opportunities of all kinds. When the department receives other solicitations for undergraduate help, they will be posted here.

Also visit the GW undergraduate research site.

On-Campus Research Opportunities

The Physics Department is involved with several different centers and institutes on campus that bring together the expertise and equipment to enable faculty and students a wide array of opportunities for collaboration:

Undergraduate Admissions

Undergraduate Admissions