Undergraduate Research Courses

Students sitting at a table with their laptops listening to Gerald Feldman's lecture in a physics course.

Completing a research course connects class work to real-world applications and shows students how professional lab experiments run or how scientists use super computers.

All BS in Physics, BS in Biophysics and BS in Astronomy and Astrophysics students are required to complete one three-credit research course. BA in Physics students may also complete research courses for credit. 

Consult your research advisor and the departmental undergraduate advisor for guidance on how to satisfy a research course. Note: Completing a research course project does not fulfill departmental honors requirements.


Research Advisors

Professor Gerald Feldman looks over two students work.

Every student wishing to complete a research course must choose a research advisor. The advisor oversees progress on the project, provides necessary assistance and determines the final grade. 

The research advisor must be a member of the Physics Department faculty, even in cases when the project is completed in another department or another institution. Students may involve additional research advisors, pending agreement from the faculty research advisor and the departmental undergraduate advisor.

Students should carefully review the list of faculty by research group to find a potential research advisor and reach out to them directly. Students are also guided in this process during the capstone course.

Faculty Research Groups