Graduate Research

Raju Timsina, a graduate RA in physics, uses the SEH biophysics lab.
Raju Timsina, a graduate RA in physics, uses the biophysics lab in GW's Science and Engineering Hall.

Whether they work alongside faculty in the lab or pursue research opportunities at local institutions, graduate students develop advanced expertise in a field of their choice. They contribute to scholarly research, win awards for their dissertations and present their findings at conferences across the country.

For students interested in theoretical, experimental, observational and applied physics, the department’s connections to national and international laboratories around Washington, D.C., and Virginia provide hands-on training and original research opportunities.

Fellowships and Assistantships


Research Areas

Research topics at the graduate level include experimental and theoretical nuclear physics, experimental and theoretical biophysics, and high-energy astrophysics. Whatever the focus area, students perform research in a collaborative environment in our laboratories in Corcoran Hall and in Science and Engineering Hall.