Topical Meeting on Isotope-Based Energy Sources

Nuclear isotopes are known to store considerably higher energy density per unit mass than chemicals. This Topical Meeting will focus on the current status of energy conversion from the nuclear isotopes, as well as potential use of nuclear isomers for energy storage.

This Topical Meeting is jointly organized by The George Washington University and US Army Research Lab. There is no registration fee, but an invitation is required to attend. To request an invitation, please contact the organizers, Andrei Afanasev at [email protected] or James “Jeff” Carroll at [email protected]. This meeting is sponsored by the US Army Research Office.


Monday, May 15th: "Radioisotope power sources"
8:30-8:30: Welcome remarks
8:40-9:20: Marc Litz, ARL — Beta-photovoltaic cells using planar and volumetric configurations
9:20-10:00: John Russo, ARL — Tritiated organic carrier for betavoltaic cells
10:00-10:30: Break
10:30-11:10: Chris Thomas, Widetronix — Betavoltaics: Long Life Power Sources for Ultra Low Power Sensor Applications
11:10-11:50: Jae Kwon, U. Missouri — Unconventional Atomic Cells
11:50-12:30: Bill Ayers, Princeton Research — High Power Beta Electron Energy Conversion Device
12:30-13:30: Lunch
13:30-14:10: Mike Squillante, RMD — Enhanced Beta Battery for Long Term Remote Applications
14:10-14:50: Tom Adams, Purdue/NSWC — Research and Development in Radioisotope Power Sources, and Applications within the Navy, DoD and other Agencies
14:50-15:20: Break
15:20-16:00: Modeste Tchakoua, U. Missouri — Power generation using Photon-Intermediate Direct Energy conversion and Radioisotopes
16:00-16:40: Shadi Shahedipour-Sandvik, SUNY Buffalo — III-Nitride based 3D structures for high performance betavoltaic battery
16:40-17:10: Discussion

Tuesday, May 16th: "Gamma rays, nuclei and matter"
8:30-8:40: Introduction
8:40-9:20: Olga Kocharovskaya, TAMU — Coherent Control of the γ-Photon Waveforms and Quantum Interface between γ-Photons and Nuclear Ensembles
9:20-10:00: Andrei Afanasev, GWU — Selective Photoexcitation of Quantum States with High Orbital Angular Momentum
10:00-10:30: Break
10:30-11:10: Allen Mills, UC Riverside — Progress towards an annihilation photon laser
11:10-11:50: Yi-Hsieh, Wang, U. MD — Spinor Bose-Einstein Condensates of Positronium
11:50-12:30: James Carroll, ARL — Search for isomer depletion mechanisms in nuclear structure studies
12:30-13:30: Lunch
13:30-14:10: Don Umstadter, UN-L — Controlled release of energy from nuclear isomers by laser-driven x-rays
14:10-14:50: Chris Chiara, ARL — First experimental evidence of NEEC
14:50-15:20: Break
15:20-16:00: Yuanbin Wu, MPIK Heidelberg — Nuclear excitation with lasers; x-ray free-electron lasers and intense optical lasers
16:00-16:40: Cameron Geddes, LBNL — Mono-Energetic Photons from Laser Wakefields
16:40-17:10: Discussion