Ron Workman

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Ron Workman

Research Professor of Physics

Adjunct & Research


Email: Ron Workman
Office Phone: (703) 726-8345
725 21st St NW Washington DC 20052


  • Nuclear Theory

I am currently analyzing real and virtual photon induced reactions on nucleons, fitting associated data from accelerators world-wide, with the main goal of improving our knowledge of the baryon resonance spectrum.


Physics 3161: Classical mechanics

Physics 3167: Principles of quantum physics

Astronomy 1001: Stars, planets, and life in the universe


Review of Particle Physics, Particle Data Group ( M. Tanabashi et al. ), Physical Review D98, 030001 (2018).

Extended partial-wave analysis of pion-nucleon scattering data, R.A. Arndt, W.J. Briscoe, I. Strakovsky, R.L. Workman, Physical Review C74, 045205 (2006).

Width distribution for random-walk interfaces, G. Foltin, K. Oerding, Z. Racz, R.L. Workman, R.K.P. Zia, Physical Review E50, R639 (1994).

Generalized Skyrme model with pion masses, S. Nam, R.L. Workman,Physical Review D41, 2323 (1990).


PhD, University of British Columbia, 1988

MSc, University of British Columbia, 1984

BSc with Honors, University of Victoria, 1981