Roger Peverley

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Roger Peverley

Legacy Faculty, 1977-2006


A tribute from President Trachtenberg, Spring, 2006

Associate Professor J. Roger Peverley was born in Derby, England in 1938. He received his B.A. with first-class honors from Christ’s College, Cambridge, and his Ph.D. in 1964 working in experimental solid-state physics at the Cavendish Laboratories. His research specialty is electron-phonon interactions in solids.

Professor Peverley held positions in this country at Brown University and the Catholic University before arriving at GW in the Fall of 1977. He continued his experimental research, with outside support from the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Roger is renowned within the Physics Department for his skillful creation of laboratory exercises, his dedication to student learning and his scrupulous attention to detail in administrative duties. He has always been the quintessential gentleman in all interactions, including a gentle, patient and caring attitude in advising students. His tireless and devoted work for the undergraduate physics program at GW will be remembered by generations of physics majors.

Professor Peverley has served the Department for many years as its Deputy Chair with modesty and humility. Besides contributing to many departmental committees, he has served on the College Dean’s Council, as Premed Advisor, the Rhodes Marshall Scholarship Committee, and the Colonial Challenge and Inauguration programs.

For all the foregoing and more, The George Washington University hereby confers on Roger Peverley the status of professor emeritus with all the rights, duties, privileges and responsibilities pertaining thereto.

(W. Parke, 2006)