Maxim Mai

Maxim Mai

Maxim Mai

Research Professor of Physics

Adjunct & Research


  My research deals with non-perturbative phenomena and the excited states of the strongly interacting matter. These states represent the signature of the fundamental force responsible for the most (non-dark) mass in the universe. In that, I have developed many novel methods bridging Effective Field Theories, lattice field theory, and S-matrix theory. Most recently I have been active in investigating the long-standing hadronic three-body problem in connection to phenomenology and lattice QCD. Specifically, in a series of theoretical papers we derived the long-debated three-body quantization condition together with corresponding infinite-volume formalism. Besides this I am interested in development and application of machine learning and statistics tools extracting fundamental parameters of nature.

Five  mot relevant papers:

-- Finite-Volume Spectrum of π+π+\pi^+\pi^+π+π+ and π+π+π+\pi^+\pi^+\pi^+π+π+π+ Systems

-- Constraints on the chiral unitary KˉN\bar KNKˉN amplitude from πΣK+\pi\Sigma K^+πΣK+ photoproduction data

-- Review of the Λ{\Lambda }Λ(1405) A curious case of a strangeness resonance

-- Kaon Photoproduction and the Λ\LambdaΛ Decay Parameter α−\alpha_-α−​

-- Towards a theory of hadron resonances