George Martin Koehl

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George Martin Koehl

Legacy Faculty, 1938-75


Professor Geroge Martin Koehl's long tenure (1938-1975) in our Department spanned several generations of students. Throughout this period, he is remembered as a first-rate teacher of physics. He received hundreds of thank-you letters from students who were greatly impressed by his clear presentations and innovative methods, often involving both instructive and amusing demonstrations he created and built. He felt that simple real objects and instruments make the best starting point for introducing basic principles of nature.

In the early 1960s, George became the leader in the design and renovation of the main physics lecture theater in Corcoran Hall, introducing fixed tiered seats, a rear-projection wall, a projection room with motorized ceiling screens, and a demonstration storage room in front of the hall with a series of moveable setup tables. As testimony to his forethought, his basic design has survived several subsequent renovation projects.

With the wisdom which comes from a long experience with the Columbian College, George served as Dean of the Junior College which awarded the Associate Arts degree, and later Associate Dean of the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences when the lower and upper divisions of the School joined. George was awarded emeritus status by the University Board of Trustees on his retirement in 1975.

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