Gary White

Gary White

Address: Corcoran Hall
Phone: 202-994-8288
[email protected]

Areas of Expertise

Physics Education

  Gary Dane White is the Editor of The Physics Teacher, a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the teaching of introductory physics, and Adjunct Professor of Physics at The George Washington University. His current research interests include physics pedagogy, rolling marbles on curved spandex surfaces, and rolling unfair dice on flat, non-spandex surfaces. Most recently he has working to better understand how to improve the writing and trouble-shooting skills for physics undergraduates in the upper level curriculum. Dr. White’s background includes stints as a nuclear theorist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, as a math instructor and researcher in nuclear engineering at Texas A&M University, as a physics professor at Northwestern State University of Louisiana, as the national Director of the Society of Physics Students, and as a program director at the National Science Foundation, but he considers himself a physics teacher, primarily. He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and of the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT), and also an AAPT Distinguished Service Citation recipient.

Current Research

Rolling marbles and unfair dice, physics of spandex


BS, Northeast Louisiana University; PhD, Texas A&M University


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Classes Taught

At GWU: Physics 11, 12, How Things Work

Elsewhere: Quantum Mechanics, Classical Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Advanced Lab, Modern Physics for non-majors, Differential Equations, Calculus I,II,III, Mathematical Methods for scientists and engineers