Gary White

Gary White

Address: Staughton Hall
Phone: 202-994-8288

Areas of Expertise

Physics Education


Current Research

Rolling marbles and unfair dice, physics of spandex


BS, Northeast Louisiana University; PhD, Texas A&M University


Relativistic transport theory of fluctuating fields for hadrons

PJ Siemens, M Soyeur, GD White, LJ Lantto, KTR Davies

Physical Review C 40 (6), 2641


Dispersion relations for causal Green’s functions: Derivations using the Poincaré–Bertrand theorem and its generalizations

KTR Davies, RW Davies, GD White

Journal of mathematical physics 31, 1356


Studies of the nuclear single-particle response function in a simple model

GD White, KTR Davies, PJ Siemens

Annals of Physics 187 (1), 198-246


The shape of “the Spandex” and orbits upon its surface

GD White, M Walker

American Journal of Physics 70, 48


On trajectories of rolling marbles in cones and other funnels

Gary D White

American Journal of Physics

accepted 13 September 2013, to appear in late Fall 2013

Classes Taught

At GWU: Physics 11, 12, How Things Work

Elsewhere: Quantum Mechanics, Classical Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Advanced Lab, Modern Physics for non-majors, Differential Equations, Calculus I,II,III, Mathematical Methods for scientists and engineers