AstroCon DC 2017

The 5th Annual DC/MD/VA Space Science Summer Meeting

The George Washington University Physics Department and Astronomy, Physics and Statistics Institute of Sciences (APSIS) are proud to host AstroCon DC, the 5th installment of the annual DC/MD/VA summer meetings focused on astronomy and astrophysics research presented by junior scientists. The aim of this meeting is to bring local undergraduates, graduate students, post-docs, and researchers together to interact, network, and learn about other's research. The meeting will be held at the GWU's Science and Engineering Hall (SEH), the largest academic building dedicated to science and engineering in downtown Washington DC, located at 800 22nd St NW (at the corner of I and 22nd St). It is easily accessible by metro, only a short walk from either Foggy Bottom (Orange/Blue/Silver) or Farragut North (Red).


Students and postdocs are invited to submit abstracts to present their research in the form of talks or posters. The format for talks will be 10-15 minutes in length with 5 minutes for questions. The exact format will be announced after the registration deadline. There will be 2 coffee breaks and 1 lunch break, during which posters will be presented. This provides ample time for discussions focused on posters. We also plan to have several talks on hot modern-day astrophysics topics conducted by senior researchers.


Thursday, July 27th
Galactic Session 1: 9:00-10:15
9:00-9:30 : Oleg Kargaltsev (GWU)
9:30-9:50 : Nicholas Gorgone (GWU)
9:50-11:10: Laura D. Vega (NASA GSFC/ Vanderbilt University)

Coffee Break + Posters: 10:15-10:45

Galactic Session 2: 10:45-12:05
10:45-11:05: Justin Linford (GWU)
11:05-11:25: Amir Jafari (JHU)
11:25-11:45: Jeremy Hare (GWU)
11:45-12.05: Noel Klingler (GWU)

Lunch Break: 12:05-1:15

Special Talk: Career Presentation
1:15-1:45: Padi Boyd (NASA GSFC)

Extragalactic Session 1: 1:45-3:00
1:45-2:15: Brad Cenko (NASA GSFC)
2:15-2:35: Mary Keenan (UMBC)
2:35-2:55: Stephen Walker (NASA GSFC)

Coffee Break + Posters: 3:00-3:30

Extragalactic Session 2: 3:30-4:55
3:30-3:50: Eric Burns (NASA GSFC)
3:50-4:10: Hsiang-Chih Hwang (JHU)
4:10-4:30: Nathaniel Roth (UMCP)
4:30-4:50: Tiffany Lewis (George Mason University)

Happy Hour at The Hive: starting ~5:15

Friday, July 28th
Galaxy, Cosmology and Instrumental Session: 9:00-10:20
9:00-9:20 : Elizabeth Tarantino (UM)
9:20-9:40 : Michael Busch (JHU)
9:40-10:00 : Matthew Berkeley (CUA)
10:00:10:20: Pradip Gatkine (UMCP)

Coffee Break + Posters: 10:20-10:45

Solar System Session 1: 10:45-12:00
10:45-11:15: Vladimir Airapetian
11:15-11:35: Andrew Leisner (UM)
11:35-11:55: Joseph DeMartini (UMCP)

Lunch Break: 12:00-1:00

Solar System Session 2: 1:00-1:45
1:00-1:20: Chigomezyo Ngwira (CUA)
1:20-1:40: Zeeve Rogoszinski (UM)

Exoplanet Session 1: 1:45-2:15
1:45-2:05: Erika Nesvold

Coffee Break + Posters: 2:30-3:00

Exoplanet Session 2: 3:00-4:00
3:00-3:20: Aparna Bhattacharya (NASA GSFC/ UMCP)
3:20-3:40: Sean Terry (NASA GSFC/ CUA)
3:40-4:00: Clement Ranc (NASA GSFC/ USRA)


Adina Feinstein (NASA GSFC)

Maxwell Atkins (UMBC)
Noah Kasmanoff (UM)
Kiera Lyons (CUA)
Sydney Paugh (NASA Summer Intern/ University of St. Thomas)
Peter Breiding (UMBC)

Tianxing Jiang (Arizona State University)

Rachel Losacco (NASA GSFC)

Solar System:
Meriem Alaoui (CUA)
Jillian Kunze (NASA GSFC)
Adam Jacobs (George Mason University)

Mahmuda Afrin Badhan (UMCP)


Local Organizing Committee ([email protected])
Sylvain Guiriec (GWU, GSFC)
Oleg Kargaltsev (GWU)
Jeremy Hare (GWU)
Nick Gorgone (GWU)
Noel Klingler (GWU)

Scientific Organizing Committee
Mary Keenan (UMBC)
Michael Busch (JHU)
Emily Mason (CUA, GSFC)
Jeff Magill (UMD)
Mahmuda Afrin Badhan (UMD, GSFC)
Sean Linden (UVA)