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Note: After completing your reservation you will receive a confirmation email. If you need to modify your registration, please register again. We consider your most recent registration as the valid one.

Preliminary Program now available (pdf).

Important: Please have your vaccine records ready for verification at check-in on Monday morning (August 15). For this, please follow GW guidelines for visitors and attendants of indoor events. We (local organizers) will have to check the vaccination status ourselves so please make sure to provide the information in a format that is easily accessible. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] (and keep the organizers in the loop if need).

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Intended arrival date
This only applies if you plan to attend in-person. Please note the hotel options on the main page to make a reservation. The default dates are August 15-16, 2022 (Mo-Tu). An informal get-together is planned on Sunday night, August 14.
Intended departure date
Gathering/ Reception
We plan an informal get-together on Sunday in the Wicked Door Pub across Exploration Hall, starting 6pm or so. On Monday, we plan a reception in a restaurant in One Loudoun across route 7 (also within walking distance, venue to be determined). Please indicate if you will attend these events so we can work on suitable room reservations. We will make sure you can pay in cash or with your credit card.
Contribution *
Please indicate if you want to give a scientific talk, or a talk on how physics has played a role in your career (outside physics). The second option applies if you want to say a few words related to Bill Briscoe (greeting note etc). You can select both options.
Please provide a title for your talk. If you have been contacted by the organizers to give a talk, insert the talk title here. If you haven't, but intend to give a talk now, let the organizers also know by email ([email protected]). if you plan to deliver an informal greeting (option 2) there is no need to provide a title.
Let the organizers know about any additional information they should be aware of. You can also contact [email protected]