Program and Contributions

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Contributions and slides:

Amaryan Moskov Meson Spectroscopy with CLAS6 at Jefferson Lab
Amaryan Moscov CLAS Preliminary - Discussion Section
Battaglieri Marco The MesonEx program at Jefferson Lab
Beck Reinhard Pion Photoproduction Experiments on  the Proton
Berger Ed One or Two a1 Axial Vector Mesons?
Burkert Volker Studying light-quark baryons in single-pion electroproduction
Burkert Volker Recent results on the Lambda(1405) Baryon - Discussion Section
Ceci Sasa Fundamental role of the Breit-Wigner parameters in the description of resonances
Celentano Andrea Application of the Veneziano model to the light meson decays
Danilkin Igor Dispersive approach: application to omega/phi --> 3pi
Fernández Ramírez César Paving the way for gamma p --> K+K-p partial-wave analysis: KbarN Scattering
Gradl Wolfgang (Charmonium) Spectroscopy with BESIII
Guo Lei Excited Hyperons at CLAS/CLAS12 --- the very strange experiment
Guo Peng Three-body final state interaction in its applications
Kamano Hiroyuki ANL-Osaka PWA for light-quark baryon spectroscopy
Kamano Hiroyuki S-wave resonances below KbarN threshold from the (current) ANL-Osaka DCC model - Discussion Section
Ketzer Bernhard Triangle singularities in light meson decays (for Mikhail Mikhasenko)
Klempt Eberhard What do we learn from the inclusion of photoproduction data into the multichannel excited baryon analysis?
Krinner Fabian First studies of a Partial-Wave Analysis including non-resonant contributions
Krusche Bernd Photoproduction of Mesons off Quasifree Nucleons - selected results-
Kubis Bastian Towards a data-driven analysis of hadronic light-by-light scattering
Kupsc Andrzej Dynamics of light meson decays: Exp+Th
Liu Beijang Baryon Resonance Production at BESIII
Manley Mark Partial-Wave analysis of gamma p --> eta p and gamma p--> K+Lambda
Mathieu Vincent Analyticity Constraints and Finite Energy Sum Rules
Meyer Curtis Analysis Plans for the GlueX Experiment
Mohler Daniel Exploratory calculations of meson resonances and bound states from lattice QCD
Mokeev Victor Resonance Parameters from pi+pi-p  Photo- and Electroproduction
Molina Raquel Evolution of the KbarN - piSigma system with Mpi2 in a box from UCHPT
Niecknig Franz Dispersive analysis of D --> K pi pi
Oset Eulogio Analysis and interpretation of data
Oset Eulogio The two Lambda(1405) - Discussion Section
Pasyuk Eugene Eta and eta' Photoproduction Experiments on Protons
Paul Stephan Meson Spectroscopy with COMPASS
Pelaez José Ramón Identification of non-ordinary mesons from their Regge trajectories obtained from partial wave poles
Pennington Michael Why are we still studying the hadron spectrum more than 60 years after the discovery of the Delta?
Rademacker Jonas CP violation and strong phases at LHCb
Roberts Craig Unifiying the nucleon and its resonances
Rönchen Deborah The Jülich Partial-Wave Analysis
Ruiz de Elvira Jacobo Precise determination of piN scattering and the sigma_piN
Sako Hiroyuki Baryon spectroscopy with (pi,2pi) reactions at J-PARC E45
Sandorfi Andrew KY photoproduction and the potential for PWA from "complete" experiments
Schmieden Hartmut Vector-Meson Photoproduction
Schumann Sven Single Energy PWA for pi0, pi+, and eta Photoproduction
Svarc Alfred Partial Wave and N* Analysis with Analyticity
Szczepaniak Adam Are the XYZ's new particles or "old" interactions?
Tiator Lothar PDG Discussion Section
Tiator Lothar In Memoriam Prof. Gerhard Höhler
Uehara Sadaharu Light hadrons at Belle
Wang Qian Could the near-threshold XYZ states be simply kinematic effects?
Williams Michael Model Selection in Amplitude Analysis
Wilson David Resonances in coupled-channel scattering from lattice QCD
Workman Ron PDG Discussion Section
Wunderlich Yannick Complete Experiments in pseudoscalar meson photoproduction
Young Ross Lambda(1405) from lattice QCD
Zana Lorenzo Software Tools for the HASPECT group with CLAS6/CLAS12 data