Michael W. Thacher

Michael W. Thacher graduated from GW in 1970 with a bachelor of arts degree in philosophy.  He began his career as a magazine writer and editor.  After receiving an MBA from UCLA in 1983, he assumed increasingly responsible positions in corporate public affairs for ARCO, Northrop, and finally Unocal Corporation.

Thacher's fascination with astronomy was sparked at the age of six by his mother, who woke him about 5 am one morning to see a spectacularly brilliant Venus shining in the night sky.  Early in his career, he wrote articles about space exploration for publications like the Los Angeles Times, Newsday, and Astronomy magazine.  For the past 11 years, he has been a tour guide at historic Mt. Wilson Observatory in Southern California.

"GW has a strong -- though not widely appreciated -- tradition in physics, with giants like George Gamow and Edward Teller once on the faculty," said Thacher.  "It's exciting to help support today's expanding emphasis on astrophysics and big data science."

Thacher is married to Rhonda L. Rundle, a former news editor and reporter for The Wall Street Journal.  They have two adult sons.