GW Physics and Astronomy Education Research Group

The physics and astronomy education research in the GW Department of Physics is rooted in our dedication to high quality teaching and learning.  Over the last 15 years, our interest in implementing and developing modern teaching techniques has been continually increasing, and consequently, our need to perform education research came about as a natural consequence of this effort. Our group members have a wide variety of interests and activities.  We are involved in longitudinal studies about conceptual understanding and problem solving, in research related to faculty and graduate students and in online education research. Besides physics and astronomy education research, we are also deeply involved in developing class materials, training teaching personnel, developing teaching-related programs and workshops, and outreach. Our work has been supported by the National Science Foundation, GW Grants for High Impact Teaching and Learning Practices, GW University and Columbian College Facilitating Funds, and various collaborations.  Our group is growing in size, and we have had active participation by both undergraduate and graduate students.