APS CUWiP at GW: Support for CUWiP Attendance

We want to make CUWiP accessible to all and, therefore, the only conference cost is a $40 registration fee, payable once you register for CUWiP; and accommodation and meals are all covered for all accepted students at CUWiP. Many departments are now covering this $40 registration fee for their participants; please speak to a faculty member or your department chair to see if this is possible in your case. If this is not possible and the registration fee is a barrier to your attendance at CUWiP, please contact [email protected].

There is also travel support available for students to attend CUWiP, if needed. We do, however, want to maximize the number of students who can attend CUWiP, and, to do that, we ask that home departments support the travel expenses for their CUWiP attendees where possible. 

If travel support is not available from your home department, please contact [email protected] to arrange travel support for the CUWiP at GW. Please note that, should you be flying to the conference, or travelling by long distance train or bus, you first have to obtain clearance / permission from the CUWiP site by emailing your proposed travel itinerary and cost to [email protected]. NOTE: we are only able to reimburse these costs in the event that they were first approved by an email from [email protected].

Once you have completed the application and registration process, we will contact you with full details of the travel reimbursement arrangements, if you indicate during registration that your department is unable to support your travel expenses.