APS CUWiP at GW: Presentation Instructions

General Information

If you do not want to present, you are still more than welcome to come to CUWiP at GW! However, if you have performed research or outreach projects, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to present this in the poster sessions. There will be two poster sessions; we will divide you into groups so you only have to present in one session, and can enjoy visiting other posters during the other session. There will be a poster prize selected by our expert poster judges and a students’ choice award poster, chosen by the conference participants.

Posters will be presented on trifold easels, in landscape format, measuring 48" by 36".

Each presenter will have to present in only one of the two 45-minute poster sessions. An independent team of judges will decide on the poster prize recipients.

The poster abstract book and poster session allocations can be found here.


Poster Session One (Saturday 10:30am – 11:15am)

1) Haley Buckner, with Dr. Cody Covington, Daniel Kidd, and Dr. Kalman Varga

Comparison of Electromagnetic Field Propagation Methods in Maxwell-Schrödinger Hybrid Simulation

2) Caitlin Carfano, with Annemarie L. Exarhos, David A. Hopper, Samuel M. Parks, Richard R. Grote, and Lee C. Bassett

Mechanical Exfoliation and Deterministic Dry Transfer of Hexagonal Boron Nitride for Quantum Engineering

3) Ye Hie (Joy) Cho & Kathleen Hamilton, with Dr. Alexander Barr

PSR1913+16: The Binary Pulsar; Mathematical Reproduction and Extension

4) Alexandra Cramer, with Justin Stevens (research advisor)

Timelike Compton Scattering in the GlueX Experiment at Jefferson Lab

5) Chelsea Crowley, with Kazunori Akiyama, and Vincent Fish

Superresolving Black Hole Images with Full-Closure Sparse Modeling

6) Mackenzie Devilbiss, with Myron Campbell, and Yongyi Wu

Photon and Neutron Waveform Differentiation

7) Kelly Devlin, with Adrian Borsa, and Wesley Neely

Oil production and subsidence trends from InSAR over the Powder River Basin, WY

8) Amanda Farah, with Lucas Secco, Bhuvnesh Jain, Neil Dalal, Arka Banjeree, and Susmita Adhikari

Effects of Self-Interacting Dark Matter on Galaxy Morphologies

9) Kelsey Glazer, with Charlotte Edwards, James Overduin, and Alex Storrs

Olbers` Paradox and the Age of the Universe


Poster Session Two (Saturday 3:30pm – 4:15pm)

10) Junellie Gonzalez Quiles, with Dr. Jakob Nordin

Modeling The Atmosphere In The Era Of Big Data From Extremely Wide Field-Of-View Telescopes

11) Sarah Hoback, with Dr. Gregory Harry, and Ian MacMullen

Determining Q Distribution of an Uncoated Substrate Using Birefringe Readout

12) Dana Jones, with Savannah Horton, and Varoujan Gorjian (research supervisor)

Getting WISE: A Search for Active Galactic Nuclei at the North and South Ecliptic Poles

13) Caitlyn McConnell and Roberto Ramos

The Physics Wonder Girls Camp: Impacting Middle School Girls in STEM

14) Karla Georgina Onate, with James Napolitano, and CJ Martoff

Testing CAEN Nuclear & Modern Physics Educational Kit with Silicon Photomultiplier for Upper Level Physics Course

15) Sophia Scarano, with Ki-Yong Kim, Ph.D.

Pulse Characterization of an Unknown Ultrashort-Pulsed Laser

16) Diana Solano-Oropeza, with Stephen McMillan, and Joshua Wall

Mock Observations of Simulated Star Formation

17) Frances Stone with Dr. David Pooley

Star Formation Rate Maps of Nearby Galaxies

18) Niko (Eydon) Thomashow, with Regina A. Jorgenson, Vladimir Strelnitski, and Gary Walker

Two-Decade Monitoring of MWC349 in Optical and Radio: New Results

19) Stephanie Williams, with Carter Hall and Tim Edberg

Radon Emination Studies In LZ