Advising in Physics

In order to register a major or minor in Physics, Biophysics, or Astronomy and Astrophysics, or if you have any questions or issues, please visit a physics advisor.  The current advisors are: Professor QiuProfessor Reeves, Professor DownieProfessor Guiriec, and Professor van der Horst.

Once you have registered as a major or minor, you have a named advisor, typically the person you spoke to when you registered. If you are unsure of who your advisor is, or simply have a question, email the general physics advising email address: [email protected].

Transfer Credit Approval forms (with complete and detailed syllabi for desired transfer courses), RTFs and RTF-EZs can be sent to [email protected] for review and approval.


Undergraduate Advising Hours

Open advising hours with the physics undergraduate advisors are offered each semester before class registration begins.  Come in to declare a major/minor, go over your schedule and four year plan with an advisor to make sure you're on track, and ask any questions about physics at GW that you might have.  

Stay tuned for updates on Fall 2018's advising hours.

Advisors are always available by email: [email protected]