Advanced Courses

Core Sequence

The department offers courses in Classical Mechanics (2161), Electromagnetic Theory (2165), Thermodynamics (2164), and Principles of Quantum Physics (2167) that are together considered the core of the theoretical undergraduate major curriculum. A fifth course is required of all majors for laboratory experience. Typically, 2165 and 2167 are offered in the fall while 2161 and 2164 are offered in the spring. 2151 is offered in either semester. Physics 1023 (Modern Physics) should be taken before taking any of these courses.

Advanced Electives

The department offers other courses to allow a physics student to learn about applications of physics. These courses include Biophysics (2127 and 2128), Solid-State Physics (2170), Nuclear Physics (2175), and General Relativity (2183). All of these courses presume the student has completed Physics II or 1022. Physics 1023 should be taken prior to taking 2183, and Physics 2167 should be taken prior to either 2170 or 2175.