Undergraduate Academic Programs

We offer many opportunities for undergraduates to learn about and become involved with physics. While there are many courses for students at all levels of scientific interest, the Department offers the following degrees:

BA in Physics

This program offers the opportunity to gain an understanding of physics while allowing the student plenty of flexibility to combine the program with another course of study.

BS in Physics

This program will prepare the student for a career as a practicing physicist.

BS in Biophysics

Understanding life processes can be approached through a quantitative study of protein networks and the interactions between individual molecules. This program emphasizes the connections between Physics and Biology at an early point and gives the student the tools to understand life processes from a new perspective.

Minor in Physics

More than an introduction but less than a full course of study, the Minor in Physics will provide the student with a working familiarity of physical concepts and the critical analysis tools commonly used in the study of physics. This minor would complement virtually any course of study.

Minor in Biophysics

Students interested in biology or bioengineering would be well advised to become familiar with the way life processes can be understood through physics at both the macro- and microscopic levels. This minor program will provide that familiarity.

Accelerating Undergraduate

Accelerating Undergraduate

Undergraduate physics student Arun Selvaratnam was selected for the Minority Assistantship Program at Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, funded by the Jefferson Science Association Initiatives Fund.

 Undergraduate Admissions